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Illustrated White Cats

Who am I?

I am a first generation feminist Asian writer,

learning to live an independent and empowering lifestyle as I enter my fifth decade of life. 

I share random writings and musings under a pseudonym,

in the hope of finding kindred souls. 


I have lost precious things that change how I perceive and understand the world;

a brother, two religions, eight lovers,

two greatest loves of my life,

a best friend, a life partner, a father,

and above all, my youth and innocence.

These losses come with many gains. They have to, surely. 

I am learning to rediscover joy and purpose in this new phase of my life,

on how to be alone but not lonely,

vulnerable but brave,

careful but yet unbridled. 


I hope in my deepest moment of cynicism, just when it feels like everything is lost, 

I will still find and see what is truly important in this world.

Join me in this exciting treasure hunt

as we navigate through narrow alleys, hidden pathways, 

bumpy dirt roads, smooth highways and unexpected roadblocks

in search of our final destinations. 

Follow me on Instagram @papillon200t

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