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Hi, I am Ka Ea.

I'm 48 and loving it!

Human Rights Advocate
Certified Groove Facilitator
Life-Time Adventurer

Welcome to my blog!

Here, I share my experiences journeying through menopause and ageing. Like many, I struggled with self-worth, self-doubt and body confidence throughout my life despite accomplishing some pretty amazing things.

  • Highlights: Ballet teaching certification, graduated with a Masters in Human Rights Law, worked in Afghanistan and Timor-Leste, moonlighted as an online columnist and other surreal globe-trotting experiences.

  • Challenges: After a health scare, I transformed my lifestyle only to confront new hurdles with Covid-19 and menopause.

  • Discoveries: Found Groove Malaysia and decided to share my experiences to help others.

This blog is the result of an idea that for everything we lose, there's always something to gain. It is deeply rooted in the spirit of gratitude. I may have lost my youth, but I’ve found wisdom, competence and confidence, and how freaking empowering is that?!


Here, I share contents on ageing marvellously and invite you to join the first Groove community in Malaysia to start your journey with me!

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