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GROOVE Malaysia

A dance movement cultivating joy, confidence, fun and play. Fitness benefits are an added perk.

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What is
GROOVE Malaysia?

GROOVE is not just a dance experience, it is a lifestyle. It’s founded by the World GROOVE Movement and now brought to the dancefloor in Malaysia for the first time.


It is a one-hour dance experience for adults (age 16+) guided by a certified GROOVE facilitator who will show you some simple moves to unify and connect you to different genres and style of music. She dances with and around you while offering suggestions, ideas and possibilities to inspire creativity, interaction and play. 


GROOVE’s key purpose is to get you moving in your own style and ability, while having fun! Imagine you’re at your own dance party with a pumped-up DJ, great music and crazy friends!

How is it different 
from other fitness dance classes?

Unlike other conventional fitness dance classes, GROOVE encourages its participants to explore the entire dance floor organically, interpret the dance moves in their own unique and authentic style, and interact with each other through play. 

First of all, we don’t call it a class.
It’s a dance floor! 

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A typical dance class 

Everyone is confined to their own individual space and are expected to be coordinated and uniformed. Your goal is to copy exactly what the instructor is doing, and let’s be honest, you secretly wish you can dance like J.Lo or Channing Tatum. (Am I right?) The steps are fixed and often complicated, leaving no room for personal expression, pace or ability. 

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And this is a 
GROOVE dancefloor

While you are expected to follow the dance moves shown by the facilitator, you are encouraged to dance them in your own unique way and style. At GROOVE, you decide which direction you want to go, how low or high you want to kick, and how many different ways you can do one move. There is no right or left, and definitely no right or wrong!

One Groover described it as “Nicely coordinated in a not so coordinated way”. 

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Focus on fitness and weight-loss

Lastly, the primary focus of most dance classes is on fitness, weight-loss and sometimes techniques, not that there’s anything wrong with it if those are your goals.

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Focus on feeling good while moving

GROOVE is about enjoying dance and movement in your own skin. Fitness and weight-loss? They're simply the added bonus!

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What are the core values and benefits of GROOVE?

Embrace the Philosophy of Groove. Groove is built on values like non-discrimination, empowerment, unity, and self-love. It's an environment that fosters diversity and belonging.

GROOVE's Benefits:

  1. Mental: Boosts confidence, promotes body-positivity, encourages individuality, and ultimately, enhances happiness.

  2. Cognitive: Enhances brain function and boosts memory.

  3. Physical: Improves endurance, strength, balance, coordination, and mobility - essential for healthy aging.

  4. Social: Creates interaction, bonding and a sense of community.

  5. Organizational: Can be a part of diversity, equity and inclusiveness (DEI) initiatives and body-positivity coaching in organizations.


Beyond just a fitness routine, Groove is a holistic lifestyle choice that promotes overall wellness. 

Thank you, World Groove Movement!

Things You Need to Know Before GROOVING.

Do I need to be a dancer or be physically fit to join?

No. If you can move, you can GROOVE!


We keep it stupidly simple (K.I.S.S) so that anyone can do it. Ultimately, you decide the level of intensity you want on the dance floor. At GROOVE, our goal is empowerment, not limitation. 

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What should I wear?

Anything that allows you to move comfortably and confidently. (Bring a towel because you'll be sweating!)

Many Groovers prefer to dance bare-footed, but we would recommend you wearing sports shoes to allow more comfort and support. 

Where is the GROOVE dancefloor?

Main Location

Our first dance floors are at Taman Danau Desa and Bangsar, but watch this space for more as we grow!

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GROOVE Facilitator

Ka Ea

First certified Adult GROOVE facilitator in Malaysia. Trained in Copenhagen, Denmark by the World Groove Movement.


If you would like to start a GROOVE dancefloor at your studio/gym/club/retreat/office/event, (it's a great DEI and body-positive enhancement activity!), please contact me at or 017 669 1226.. I’d love to collaborate with anyone who appreciates the values and benefits of GROOVE and wish to grow this community with me.

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